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Boys of the court

Reporter: Ben Fink This year the Storm Cell has been pushed out of their Class B comfort zone, and basketball is no exception. Instead of looking at the Class B schedule and marking down likely W’s, this year’s lineup contains more unknowns with Class A powerhouse...

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Causin’ a Racket

Boys Tennis State Championship 2017. Mason Meyer looks into a sea of not only parents and teammates, but Division One tennis coaches. He secures his third state champion title in four years and the team brings home the gold. This time, however, the title is gained...

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Going for three

Lauren Dietrich, Editor-in-chief   It’s October 21st, a Thursday night, an away game for the Elkhorn South football team, but tonight is different. They are facing the biggest competitors they’ve had all season.   Loud senior boys, chests painted with...

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The boys of fall

By Ben Fink, Reporter October is king in the world of Major League Baseball, but high schoolers don’t have the luxury to spend the season in the stands either. They also have to be out on the baseball field. Autumn can be the most influential time in the life of high...

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A reel catch

  Seth Fink, Reporter   Just a mile west of Elkhorn South, Sophomore Logan Faiman often can be found at the Skyline Pond. Especially at ESHS, high schoolers cling to their AP schedules and fast paced lives, but Faiman prefers the sound of nature. He is a...

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