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It’s Monday morning. The seven AM alarm blares like a busy intersection during rush hour. A boy’s mother walks into the room and wakes him up and he begrudgingly pulls on a pair of Nike shorts with a matching t-shirt. He leaves the house with his socks pulled up to their knees and backpack draping loosely over one shoulder. The boy meanders through the house with an air of absolute apathy His parents watch in disbelief as he walks to his car in the December windchill, expecting this from a seven year old, not their 17 year old high school senior.


At least, that’s how I imagine they feel.


Even when I’m sitting around at home I at least put on jeans and a shirt. It makes me feel like I’ll actually get something done. I find that if I keep on my pajamas I can’t bring myself to do homework, or clean, or even get up. I think the same thing applies to school. I feel my best if I’m wearing a button-down and nice shoes. It puts me in a frame of mind that lets me work and not be tempted to sleep through pre-calc. I don’t know how students can get their work done when they’re dressed like a kindergartener at nap time. Essentially, I can thank button-up shirts for me having anything above a 1.0 GPA.


I find it nearly offensive to see students in Nike t-shirts and khaki shorts (with matching khaki, canvas shoes), and still complain about how school should have been cancelled because of the weather. Frankly, I still can’t even figure out how kids can concentrate between the shivering, considering the school is kept at roughly 8 degrees.


I’ve always found that how you dress affects how you view yourself and how others view you. The saying goes “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” If these high school seniors are looking to be living in their mom’s basement, pounding back Mountain Dew’s and Cool Ranch Doritos, then they are on the right track.


In the end I’m sick of seeing hordes of identically dressed boys with side fade haircuts, various monocolor hoodies and khaki pants and flat, low-top Nike shoes.