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Reporter: Ben Fink

This year the Storm Cell has been pushed out of their Class B comfort zone, and basketball is no exception. Instead of looking at the Class B schedule and marking down likely W’s, this year’s lineup contains more unknowns with Class A powerhouse matchups throughout the season.


Leading up to districts on Feb. 24, the team has seen a pretty respectable season, with varsity having a record of 10 wins and 11 losses. However, changes have spurred new obstacles. The biggest being that the team has jumped from a class B schedule to a class A schedule.


“In class B there would be games where we knew we would win 100% before the game even started and the competition was not always amazing, but in class A we have to be ready and fight every game because every team is good,” Junior Jace Piatkowski said.


Piatkowski has been playing basketball since he was just a little kid, like many of the other boys on the team, with his dad being his biggest motivator.


“My dad got me into the sport because he was an NBA player and loved basketball and I wanted to be like him,” Piatkowski said.


However, even with years of experience, and inherited skills, the competition of this season still proves to be tough.


The class A schools tend to have more talent than the class B schools because they have a lot more students.


“Class A schools are more talented, have bigger players, and often times more players because they have a large pool of kids they have to choose from,” Junior Max Mosser said.


Senior Cade Berendes likes the competition though. “The competition is much harder than any other year of basketball that I have ever played, but I like it because it makes my team and I better,” Berendes said.


The team has played a lot of great teams this year. These include Millard South, Millard North, and Creighton Prep. The toughest of these teams was Creighton Prep, being they are currently the top ranked team in Class A.


“The game against Creighton Prep was a really tough one, but it exposed us to the competition class A has to offer,” Mosser said.


Although the ESHS team is class A this year, they still play some class B teams. One of which is Elkhorn, which is not only the teams biggest rival, but the schools biggest rival.


“The team that I like playing most is Elkhorn. This is because there are always so many people at the game and the amount of energy is amazing,” Mosser said.


For these players the main goal is to do good in districts, and ultimately win state. “I think we have a shot to make a deep run into state,” Piatkowski said.


Yet, win or lose, the boys love the sport they have worked so hard at.


“My favorite part about basketball is the competition and the satisfaction it gives when making a great play or winning a game,” Berendes said. “It can bond me and my teammates together to become closer to each other and become great friends.”