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By Lincoln Parks, Reporter


For many fans of the Ellen show, the idea of being a live audience member is a dream come true. Recently, Elkhorn South english teacher, Jaclyn Norum, got the chance to make this dream a reality.


The Ellen Degeneres Show, often simplifies to Ellen, first aired on September 8, 2003.  The show sees celebrity host Ellen Degeneres interview various guests and interact and play games with audience members. The show has since gained a large following, receiving many awards and creating fans around the globe.


“I’m a big Ellen fan, I’ve been trying for years to get into the show and I’ve never won,” Norum said. “I decided very last minute over winter break that I might as well try and see if I can win tickets.”


Fans can apply to be on the show online by selecting the date they want to apply for. The winners are selected in a random lottery process, and are notified after a short period of time.


“I picked a random date and waited,” Norum said. “You have to wait two weeks, and if you don’t hear anything in two weeks then you can request a new date.”


While the lottery system offers everyone a fair chance at winning, the amount of applicants makes winning no easy feat. Many fans, including a few of Norum’s relatives, have been trying for years to get on the show, but with little success.


“My mom’s been doing it for years, my aunts have been doing it for years, and no one’s gotten it,” Norum said. “I finally did.”


Upon receiving the unexpected news of her acceptance, Norum was thrilled.


“….I was actually in the her classroom,” English teacher Madeline Rock said. “….she jumped out of her chair with the biggest smile, exclaiming that she finally got tickets to the Ellen show.”


After being accepted, winners are required to submit some information about themselves and their guests before receiving their tickets.


“You have to state who you would bring with you, and you have to send in a picture of yourself,”  Norum said.


Despite applying for only 3 tickets, Norum was fortunate enough to earn 4. She plans to bring her mother, sister, and brother to the show with her. In addition to attending the show, Norum and her family plans to do a few other activities while in LA.


“We’re going to go shopping, see some sights, go to a couple restaurants” Norum said. “Otherwise we’re mostly just there for Ellen.”


Norum’s success has even motivated some of her friends and coworkers to try and get tickets.


I have never tried to be an audience member, but her success has definitely motivated me,” Rock said.  “In fact, after she booked her flight, I started looking at flights to California myself.”


As a long time fan of the show, Norum is thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of the experience.


“I was so happy for her,” Rock said. “It was clear that Jaclyn and her whole family are obsessed with Ellen, and that this would be the trip of a lifetime.”