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By Lincoln Parks, Reporter


Ben LA and Skyler Craig founded Elkhorn South’s very first poetry club, T.E.M.P.E.S.T., at the beginning of the 2017 school year. The club was created to allow fellow students to share their creativity. Craig moved from Portland, Oregon last year, and wanted to encourage the creative background he came from.


“I come from a place where art and creativity is pushed instead of ACT scores. It’s just a safe place to write and be creative,” Craig said.


That’s the club’s core message: a safe place where creative individuals can share their work, and bond over common emotions.


“Poetry allows individuals to communicate in a way that simple writing doesn’t get across,” senior Parker Herout said.


Poetry itself has been around for hundreds of years, which has led some to question its relevance in today’s society. Despite its age, the art is still relevant and important to people today, especially high school students.


“What has waned is the importance people place on poetry, but it’s importance will never wane. Poems share so much about who we are as human beings, the human condition, and what it means to be,” English teacher Megan Stone said.


For many students poetry can be a breath of fresh air, an unorganized form of expression in a life full of strict rules and guidelines.


“I think many students like poetry because it’s so different than the rest of their school experience. Poetry is unstructured, grammar rules are (mostly) thrown out the window, it’s concise, and it allows them to just be themselves,” English teacher Brian Vance said.


Poetry can be refreshing in its pure creativity, completely unrestrained expression. This freedom sets it apart from other forms of creative writing, and allows a free, unconfined form of literary expression.


“It is very unique in that it feels different from any other form of art,” Herout said.


If you’re a poetry fanatic, or just someone interested in learning about poetry, the club is always looking to gain more members. Meetings take place after school on Tuesdays and during TA on Thursdays. Craig and Leathers-Arnold are always looking for new members.


“The small atmosphere is kinda cool, but the more people we have the better it’ll get,” Craig said