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Growing up it felt as if I was the only Jewish kid in a sea of Christian students. I heard every rude anti-Semitic phrase thrown my way by the time I was in third grade. I felt heat on my face when everyone stared at me during the English discussion about Night. I understand what it is like having people be rude about your culture or background. I’ve been there. Therefore, I am a very open-minded person. Period. I always have been. Yet, I need to make my opinion clear about this whole “politically-correct” thing taking over this country, it’s too much.


No one can breathe anymore without offending someone, let alone speaking, or tweeting. This is the freaking United States of America and the freedom of speech seems to be dwindling. No one can say anything without losing their job, or getting in trouble for offending someone. Everyone has to tiptoe around facts, to make sure they don’t upset anyone. Yet, facts are facts, they shouldn’t be altered regardless of who they offend, they need to be shared with the public.


I’m not saying that it is okay to be rude, or racist, or prejudice in the slightest. What I am saying is that facts on the news should not have to be altered to please overly politically-correct liberals. Football teams don’t need to change their mascots, statues don’t need to be torn down, and the United States should not hide it’s history. Mistakes should be acknowledged and learned upon, not banished and forgotten. People should not be in fear of stating their opinions or believing in their values and traditions. People should be allowed to say “Merry Christmas” and not be condemned to say “Happy Holidays”. I’ve never celebrated a single Christmas in my 17 years, and never have been offended when that jolly phrase has been said to me. Not everything is meant to be insulting, and the public, especially people on social media, need to understand that.


Political Correctness is being twisted into something it shouldn’t be. It is turning in to a way to call people out for being jerks over nothing. It is turning everything anyone ever mutters on the news into an insult, when that just isn’t the case. Political Correctness is the only thing anyone seems to care about in this country, when clearly there are bigger fish to fry.


I am a polite person. I never do anything to intentionally cause anyone to be uncomfortable or insulted. Yet, I have the right to speak my mind, so does the rest of the country. Political-Correctness has gone too far, it needs to be knocked down a peg, so the people of the United States of America can start focusing on issues that actually matter.