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By Paige Girardot, reporter


Eating healthy is a daunting task, especially being a teenager when eating at home is a rare occurrence. Yet, with the opening of the local café Greenbelly, there is hope that eating healthy can occur outside of mom’s homemade cooking.



Greenbelly is a self proclaimed eco-friendly establishment that prides themselves on serving environmentally responsible food. Greenbelly does not use fryers, and their containers and disposables are made from 100% compostable corn and are environmentally sustainable.

Upon entrance to the local restaurant, patrons are faced with a bright, clean interior, featuring a counter-serve style layout, a large menu, and a hard choice. Greenbelly serves salads, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, and soups on their large menu, it is quite daunting to decide. Yet it is safe to say that just about anyone could eat here no matter how picky, and find something they would enjoy.


The prices are on the higher side, although that is typical for fresh, gourmet food. All of their salads and sandwiches cost $9.99. I opted for a wrap and salad combo, totaling to $12.99, for two flavorful portions of food.
I chose the coconut chicken wrap and Thai salmon salad. Each was a considerable portion for the price and was presented cleanly.


The wrap, served on a whole wheat tortilla contained fresh spring mix, baked almond crusted coconut chicken, swiss cheese, with ranch and raspberry vinaigrette. Despite the description, it wasn’t paralyzingly sweet. The wrap maintained a sweet and savory balance of flavor that complemented each other well. However, the dressings in the wrap became a bit too runny, dripping onto the eco-friendly paper plate with each bite.
The Thai salmon salad, consisting of cold spring mix doused in sweet Thai chili sauce and peanut dressing, adorned with cilantro, green onions, crunchy peanuts and a warm grilled salmon filet made the visit all worthwhile. The sweet and semi spicy dressings atop the crunchy lettuce tickled my taste buds in the best way possible. Greenbelly has proved to have mastered the art of salad dressing, blending flavors to create a true palette pleaser. When I come back, I would definitely order this again. My only gripe with the salad is the wheat roll it is served with. The roll leaves a little more to be desired, especially when paired with such an exquisite salad.


After one visit, I’m already itching to go back for my next meal. I recommend this quick spot for anyone in search of health conscious, flavorful food. I deem Greenbelly as Elkhorn’s best go-to spot for either a healthy serving of veggies, a large salad, or a guilt-free sandwich.