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Lauren Dietrich, Editor-In-Chief


Parker Herout drags two tired, eighth grade feet up to her grandparents’ house in Grapevine, Texas. After nearly a three mile walk from her Middle School (insert name), she slowly opens the front door with a creak and clomps upstairs. Silky pillows cushion her as she plops onto her queen size bed. Everything seems refreshing: a nice after school nap, no worries, no stress, until it hits her. She is completely alone.


As a current Senior at Elkhorn South, Herout looks back on her experiences in Grapevine as the most prevalent paranormal experiences she has ever felt.


“I’ve always believed in the spiritual really. Ever since I was little my mom and I would talk about ghost experiences and ghost stories. It’s just always something I was interested in and then started to believe in,” Herout said.


According to BBC, paranormal activity can be explained in terms of physcology. Faulty activity in the brain, and even damage to the right hemisphere, can cause these uneasy feelings. Feelings of shadow people, and the lurking

sensation of “being watched”.


However, to students like Herout and Senior Olivia Aimes, ghosts and paranormal activity are not explained as simply.


“I always think it’s really obvious [when ghosts are around], like a sixth sense kinda feeling,” Aimes said.


Psychology Today claims there are scientific facts behind these feelings. They argue that paranormal and ghost activity is all made up in the physcology. They say that the sense of a paranormal presence typically occurs when an individual feels isolated in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable environment, and high levels of stress are involved.



Herout’s experiences prove to be different. They are less scientific, more unexplained.


Herout would be home alone for two to three hours everyday after a long day of middle school. Her room was directly across from her great grandmother’s room, or where her great grandmothers’ room used to be… before she passed away. Her house was in the epitome of the suburbs, quiet enough to hear a pin drop.


“One day after school, I was chilling in my room, reading, doing whatever. And I hear the tinnitus that I have in my ear change frequency. I heard footsteps come up the stairs, then make a left turn in an L-shape to where my great grandmother’s room used to be. My door swung open,” Herout said.


Herout undoubtedly believed this presence to be her great grandmother´s ghost.


Although supposed paranormal activity like this instance can be argued through physiological facts, for most it seems to be very unexplained. Leading to the simple explanation, ghosts.


“At the house we used to live at in Hawaii, the ghost of the guy who owned the house used to hang out. There used to be a foot long space, maybe floor to ceiling that would smell like fancy tobacco smoke, and he died of lung cancer. There was also one room where if you went into it with headphones on listening to music, he would restart and change your music to a Beatles song,” Aimes said.


Psychology Today argues that paranormal feelings can also be explained by a lack of stimulation, oxygen, and an increase of stress. All side effects which Herout and Aime’s have experienced.


“I understand it’s hard to believe, especially if you haven’t had a lot of things happen around you,” Aimes said.


For both girls believing in the spiritual world is less of a belief and more of an experience.


“It’s one of those gut feelings,” Aimes said. “A lot of stuff has happened that just can’t be explained.¨