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Storm Alert Staff Editorial

The fact that PDA (public display of affection) is even remotely accepted is beyond us. It isn’t cute, it isn’t wholesome, it’s not even decent. It’s no better than flossing your teeth in public.

This is a message for all you freshmen and sophomores who think it’s okay to do this. Stop. Please, stop. It’s gross. We don’t need to see a bunch of 12 year olds swapping spit between classes. And more importantly, notice how (most) seniors or juniors are able to control themselves. We don’t know if it’s because underclassmen can’t handle themselves around the opposite gender, or if they’re trying to impress the upperclassmen. Either way, it’s cringy and needs to stop ASAP. For those of you upperclassmen who do it: Why? You have to set the precedent for underclassmen that it’s not okay to encourage this nastiness. Mr. Kalvoda was clear. We need to be teachers, and teach these guys that being gross in public is not socially acceptable.

It’s not so much the actual act of sucking the spit from each others faces, it’s the fact you’re making all that noise. The weird sucking, slurping slime noises. That’s the worst part of the whole thing. It’s not only revolting, but you’re actually calling more attention to it. And it’s worse when you are innocently filling your water bottle and you can hear the PDA violators before you can see them. Hopefully, the sound reaches your ears before your eyes have to bare witness. So now it’s a challenge.  Do you turn left?  Right?  The next few desicions can be the difference between safe passage back to class and finding yourself face to face with the noisy couple.

Guilty parties need to remember, you’re both at the school. Your boyfriend isn’t going away for three months to work on an oil rig, he’s going to Pre-Calculus for 50-58 minutes. Your “eternal love” will survive this absence. Also, don’t act like y’all ain’t snapping each other 24/7 during class anyway.

Maybe our staff is old-fashioned and out of touch. Maybe we’re getting old and cynical, but nobody cares about your high school romance. It’s just embarrassing, especially if you’re one of the millions of romances that end in petty nonsense.

We’re not saying that ALL PDA is gross or that you can’t interact with your significant other, just keep it PG and brief (please). A quick hug, not a twirling five minute embrace. A peck on the cheek is fine, just spare us the full blown make out session. Walk holding hands, don’t try and break the sound barrier skipping down the hallway and flaunting just how *hilarious* you find your S.O. 

You wouldn’t talk during a movie, you wouldn’t not give up your seat on the bus for a pregnant lady, you wouldn’t trip a kid in a wheelchair, so why do you think it’s okay to kiss in public?  Do the right thing. Save us all and just say no to PDA.