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Reporter, Bella Kirk

With the Women’s March in recent news, the empowerment of women and girls has been a hot topic. While people all across the globe are marching to create change, students here are also making a difference for women and girls around the world.

Members of FCCLA are set on meeting the goal of providing feminine hygiene products to various places in the world including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The organization is called Days for Girls, and their mission is to provide kits containing feminine products to all women who are in need.

“You can do lots of things in the community, but this one is so powerful and so meaningful, and it can truly change a girl’s life forever,” FCCLA director Pamela Wright said.

According to the Days for Girls web site, these kits include underwear, liners, a bar of hotel soap, and a zip-lock bag. The kits allow girls to gain back 180 days of school, and they leave them better prepared and confident to take on each day.

“At first we didn’t get very many supplies, but as the girls saw what Days for Girls was about, they began to bring in fabric and other supplies for the kits,” junior Kendalyn Bingham said.

Days for Girls was founded by Celeste Mergens in 2008. After visiting orphanages in Africa, she realized how much the women and girls lacked hygiene products. As they lack places to cleanly dispose of cotton and paper feminine products, Mergens decided to make them out of fabric.

“I was motivated to become involved in Days for Girls because I couldn’t imagine not being able to have a normal life. I want to give a normal life to girls who do not have access to feminine hygiene products because no girl should be left without,” Bingham said.

The mission’s goal is to have feminine hygiene products available to all women and girls globally by 2022. As FCCLA members, their goal was to donate 30 kits to be delivered to those in need, which has been made possible through football concessions and donations.

“It is very empowering to be able to make these kits and help girls understand new things about themselves,” junior Delaney Craig said.

For more information, students may go to Any kind of donation such as money, materials, time, or talents will not only help FCCLA, but the women and girls in need as well.

“It’s a huge time commitment and financial commitment from our chapter,” Wright said, “but I don’t see it ever going away, not until the problem is solved.”