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Photo courtesy of Nebraska Prep Zone

Photo courtesy of Nebraska Prep Zone

It was an emotional day at practice for the Varsity Boys Tennis team. Head Coach Steve Bishof broke the news of the Storm’s #1 player’s ineligibility to the team.

The Nebraska School Activities Association handed down the ruling, which is still in preliminary stages.

Due to Mason Meier’s attendance at a non-school related national tournament (which he won), he is required to miss a specific amount of matches (according to NSAA regulations), including October’s State Tournament. According to teammate junior Sovin Brila, Coach Bishof and Athletic Director Roger Ortmeier had a meeting earlier today to appeal the NSAA’s decision, but the appeal was rejected.

What it boils down to is the duration of Meier’s participation in the national tournament. The four days he played in Oklahoma require him to sit out four matches; however, to play in the necessary NSAA sponsored matches required for State Tennis, Meier can only afford to miss three regular season matches. In previous years, and under different NSAA leadership, players who participated in the same tournament were permitted to play at State Tennis.

How does this affect the Storm’s chances at the State Title?

According to Brila and sophomore teammate Alec Kratky, it puts everything in jeopardy. The team was projected to fare well, and Meier to easily capture the #1 singles title, but this new revelation may cost Elkhorn South the crucial games needed to win. Additionally, a likely four-time State Champion may now only win three titles.


This story is subject to alteration and addition as new information is confirmed and revealed.