VIDEO: Haunted Elkhorn

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Elkhorn, Nebraska. Seemingly a normal town in the eastern part of the state. It began with the railroad and steadily developed. Residents have come and gone, and the years have passed. Some might say that many of Elkhorn’s residents have never left the small town- even after meeting their demise.

These are the tales of the locations that house both the living and the dead. This is Haunted Elkhorn.

Elkhorn’s historic district, where the heart of the original small-town still beats strong. The buildings that line the streets are at least a century old. Built in 1888, Kiener Saloon opened as a hotel, bar, and restaurant. It also served as a bowling alley and the high school’s indoor basketball court before 1930. When Elkhorn High School Newspaper shot a video on the high school’s trophies kept there, they discovered something else: that the old saloon might still be harboring a few inhabitants who didn’t heed their FINAL last call. The journalism students were working on their first ever video project. While setting up their camera equipment in the dance hall, the eerie sound of a phantom piano drifted up the stairs, from a room containing only a rusted, old refrigerator. Whoops and hollering burst forth from a ghostly party, taking place in the basement. The two journalism students sat in stunned silence. One turned to the other and asked them if they just heard something.

“You mean the piano music?”

On top of a hill on the other side of town, sits a large brick building. This structure is Elkhorn High School. Some people say that its auditorium is haunted, especially the tech booth. People have reported equipment turning on by itself, doors slamming, and a strange squeaking noise coming from the ceiling. While filming this video we heard squeaking coming from the catwalk and a light turned on when no one was present. Are these events electrical issues or are they the dead haunting the auditorium of this school?

When you pass an abandoned building and hear faint music being played from within, hear a door shut when you are near the auditorium, or feel cold air rush past you when no one is present; watch out: a spirit may be near.