Powerdrives’ ‘jumpstart’ to the Year

Ready! Set! Powerdrive! This team of handy teens is ready to put the pedal to the medal and get behind the wheel of this year. Powerdrive is a team of mechanically gifted students putting their wit and talent into building their own cars from scratch. From an engine to a nice, glossy coat of paint, everything is built from the ground up single-handedly by these guys.   

Member of two years Emily Graham says that the team has been reclaiming their shop after some major renovations took place. She also says that they’re all anxiously awaiting the fall race season to start.

Powerdrive is thought to be a place to unwind by most members. When asked what he was most looking forward to, “Getting away from my crazy family”, was Andy Christensen’s response.

So, what can the students of EHS look forward to seeing from the Powerdrive team this year? As Andy Christensen would put it, “The magic of winning.”