Pep Club Brief: 9/2/2015

E-L-K-H-O-R-N GO ELKHORN! This battle cry is cheered every athletics game the pep club attends. Pep club is one of the more popular clubs among students looking forward to going to athletic games. This club goes to all football, volleyball, and basketball games, no matter how far away the game. The pep club presidents, Seth Samek, Max Fedde, and Trey Neil set themes for each game, lead cheers, and provide motivation and spirit to students. Every year, the ideas get more creative and crazy. Black outs, white outs, Halloween theme, and a hobo out to name a few. The pep club meets before football and basketball games at tailgates, and before pep rallies. No game would be the same without the painters cheering loudly from the front of the stands and the students cheering with every point, touchdown, and basket. Every year these students lead our teams to victory and spread a feeling of pride throughout the school.