‘Painfully Beautiful’ Show at Sokol

Guitarist strikes a pose during show at Sokol

Guitarist Brooks Betts of Mayday Parade strikes a pose during the band’s show at Sokol Auditorium March 29. The band was the headliner of the show. photo by Breanna Cox

By Breanna Cox

The American Lines tour, featuring Mayday Parade, The Maine, and the Technicolors, hit Sokol Auditorium March 29. The three alternative rock bands grabbed the crowd’s attention with their unique sound and commentary between songs. The atmosphere was full of happiness but some were moved to tears with songs like Terrible Things by Mayday Parade.

The Technicolors opened the show featuring only ⅕th of the band, Brennan Smiley. The band was added last minute to the tour and only Smiley could make it but he made the best of it. Smiley played some of their more popular songs like Tonight You Are Mine and Feels Like Trouble. The Technicolors also covered When You Were Young by The Killers. Despite only one member being there, the band made new fans from their captivating performance.

The Maine followed The Technicolors with an exhilarating set full of jokes and smiles. They played songs from all 5 of their full length albums and even brought a fan on stage for a song. The fan, named Matt, was brought onstage to sing a line from their song Girls Do What They Want, and that is what got the crowd excited. The buzz in the air grew as people became involved and more carefree to have fun. The band put in their full effort throughout the set. Their performance left the crowd mumbling about the show and their eagerness for the main act.

Though the crowd was into The Maine, the thrill in the air grew once Mayday Parade took the stage. The band looked as happy as the audience did to be there. Despite their positive attitude and smiles, some of their more sad songs brought tears to fans eyes. Most fans were describing their music as, “painfully beautiful but worth the feelings they brought”. The night was wrapped up by one of their hits Jersey.