A Book Talk: Andrew Aulner on “The Bully Buster”

I got an exclusive interview with Andrew Aulner, author of The Bully Buster and graduate of Elkhorn High School in the 2014 class. Aulner paid a visit to the school and gave a book talk during TA. Here’s a Q & A about his book and the writing/publishing process.

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Tried and True Review: 01 EHS School Desks

Welcome to the Tried and True Review, a column hereforward taking up a beautiful little piece of real estate in Elkhorn High’s very own, Antler Express. With this mighty section we will review mostly anything – within reason and moral boundaries. You suggest it, we review it. There will be a suggestion box placed in Mr. Jenson’s room (C209), drop us a line (er .. a note) and we swear upon our lives that we will publish a mighty review of your chosen products, pieces of art, and various food and drink items.

VIDEO: Haunted Elkhorn

Click here for the video: Haunted Elkhorn Elkhorn, Nebraska. Seemingly a normal town in the eastern part of the state. It began with the railroad and steadily developed. Residents have come and gone, and the…

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VIDEO: 100 Years of Transformation

by Zach Wasserman Elkhorn is celebrating it’s 100th graduating class. To commemorate this milestone the Antler Connection will run a series of stories and videos celebrating Elkhorn’s rich heritage, and bright future. EHS 100 Changes

Top Quotes and Pictures from previous EHS yearbooks that you didn’t know existed

We all are aware of the the special connected feeling that yearbooks can bring us. They bring shared memories back from the year that we just completed, whether they are good or bad moments is irrelevant. But there’s something that the average person doesn’t think about when they get a new yearbook; yearbooks last for ages. They are a snapshot in time showing that conquered year. They tell a story about the students there and about how society worked. Whether the year was a successful one or a downright epic fail, they are proof that we fought the battle, and came out ahead. They are our trophies of valor. I went to our public library, pulled previous EHS yearbooks from the shelves, and after battling the two inches of dust, I discovered amazing things within their contents. Here are the top quotes from previous EHS yearbooks that I’d bet money you didn’t know existed. (Mostly because no one has looked at 30 year old yearbooks besides myself).