Living the Teenage Dream

By Claire

With a raspy voice, a slight throbbing in my head, and over two hundred fifty pictures documenting the whole ordeal, I wake up the next morning after attending the Katy Perry concert, September 16, at the Omaha Century Link Center. Over 11,000 people from all over Nebraska and Iowa packed into the venue to witness Perry’s performance on her Nebraska stop of the California Dreams Tour.
The lights dimmed and the audience roared for the celebrity’s appearance. Five screens lit up to display a video starring Katy Perry and minutes later, she revealed herself on stage through the smoke and bright lights. Screaming voices echoed the lyrics to “Teenage Dream”. Mixing less familiar songs with mainstream hits, Perry captivated the exhilarated crowd for hours.
Crowd involvement kept everyone on their feet as Perry claimed she would let the first guy to take off his shirt on stage. A moment later she was beckoning a young man on stage to receive a kiss on the cheek and allow him to kiss her too. Star-struck, he planted a smooch on her glittered cheek and giddily stumbled off stage. Later a few spectators were called on stage to dance with the pop-star sensation herself and even take a picture with her. Towards the end of the concert, Perry mounted a pink, cotton-candy cloud and floated towards the back of the crowd so they could get a closer look at the singer they came to see.
Anticipation built exponentially early in the night as the opening act, Janelle Monae, livened the crowd with her powerful voice and catchy lyrics. Figures donned in black cloaks and dancers in retro jazz costumes stormed the stage to accompany the electrifying liveliness in Monae’s voice and energetic steps as they danced across the stage.
Bass beats shook the auditorium as DJ Skeet Skeet, a disc jockey flown in from Los Angeles, played the latest music hits with his own special twist along with songs he composed himself. The crowd could not get enough.
Katy Perry wowed her throng of followers with her ever-eclectic outfits and sporadic, on-stage costume changes that took merely seconds to complete. Never ceasing to amaze, dancers performed acrobatics in the air and demonstrated stamina throughout the night, continuously engaging the crowd. Fireworks and confetti end the concert as Katy Perry belted out her well-known songs “Firework” and “California Gurls”. After spraying massive amounts of shaving cream into the audience and saying her goodbyes to Omaha, she exited the stage and took my voice with her, but left me with many memories to spare.