Football at Beatrice: 9/11/2015

Despite the hour and a half drive, the student body had a huge turnout for the football team’s game at Beatrice High. The Antlers found themselves down 21-0 early against the Orangemen and could not muster enough of a rally to pull off the comeback. The final score was 27-17 Beatrice.

Many positions found themselves in trouble defensively. Carson Schmutz, a senior lineman, described Elkhorn’s defensive struggle. “Adjustments were not made early enough,” said Schmutz. “We got off to a very slow start.”

As the Antlers played their toughest matchup so far, athletes figured out what they really need to work on. Struggles in the secondary remained evident. Also, a large disadvantage on the line came from size differences with the Beatrice linemen.

The passing game for the Antlers continued to struggled, with only a 1 for 8 attempts record. Notable performances for Elkhorn include: Trey Sachs- 56 yards on 8 rushes and 1 TD, Adin Stiles: 52 yards on 8 rushes, 1 TD, and 19 tackles, Alex Schiefelbein: 1 rush for 7 yards, 1 reception for 33 yards, a 37-yd FG and 2 PATs, Kyle Janvrin: 5 rushes for 43 yards, 1 for 8 passing for 33 yards, Brady Blair: 12 tackles, and Wyatt Hamsa: 2 rushes for 10 yards.

Elkhorn’s offense compiled 201 yards on 33 plays. Beatrice compiled 451 yards on 81 plays.