Big 300 Against Blue Devils

Elkhorn enjoys a no-holds-barred beatdown on Plattsmouth. Giving Wortman his big 300 victories. The Antlers showed no fear for the Blue Devils.

Elkhorn celebrates its win over Plattsmouth. The win marked the 300th career victory for head coach Mark Wortman.

On September 14, 2012 the Elkhorn Antler football team played Plattsmouth Blue Devils, picking up a key win.  The Antlers defeated the Blue Devils 30-2, giving head coach Mark Wortman his 300th career victory.  Wortman has coached at Elkhorn since 1980.  After the game, Coach Wortman, said he was proud of the team’s victory. “The defense really stuck it to Plattsmouth,” he said.  “They are a really good team, we just came more prepared for the game.”  He said he was proud of his team for giving him his 300th win.  “The games are more about the team, and the fun, and love of the sport,” he said. After the game, Antler fans ran onto the field celebrating with Coach Wortman and the team.